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The Waterpik® Water Flosser: Significantly More Effective than Interdental Brush for Improving Gingival Health!

Water Flosser compared to Interdental Brush on Bleeding Scores and Gingival Abrasion

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To compare the effectiveness of a water flosser (WF) and interdental brush (IDB) on bleeding indices and gingival abrasion.


Seventy-eight subjects completed this 4-week, randomized controlled trial. Subjects were assigned to one of two groups; Waterpik® Water Flosser (WF) plus a manual toothbrush or interdental brush (IDB) plus a manual toothbrush. Gingival inflammation was evaluated by measuring Bleeding on Pocket Probing (BOPP) and Bleeding on Marginal Probing (BOMP). Data was collected on contra-lateral quadrants. The Gingival Abrasion Score (GAS) was used to compare the incidence of abrasion between the groups.


Both groups demonstrated a significant reduction in BOPP and BOMP from baseline to 4 weeks for all sites and interdental sites separately. The WF group was significantly more effective than the IDB group for reducing BOPP for all sites at W4 (p=0.030) and BOMP for all sites and interdental sites at W4 (p=0.003, p=0.019 respectively). There were no differences in gingival abrasion scores between the groups.


The Waterpik® Water Flosser is significantly more effective than the interdental brush for improving gingival health in this clinical study.